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Welcome to the High Priestess' Edinburgh Festival 2002 page!

Yes, it's that Edinburgh time of year again!  This year I'm going up for the whole Fringe as I'm Stage Manager for a play - see:

As is appropriate for a Priestess of the Muse of Comedy my Edinburgh Diaries have gained something of a cult following - see the Diary pages for the Edinburgh Fringe experience from the comfort of your keyboard! This year my diary is being featured in the Edinburgh Internet Festival, so welcome to both Fringe and Internet Festival-goers...

New this year is a Links page - I know so many people who are doing shows this year so I've put some links up to their sites and details of their venues etc.  Won't be doing any reviews this year as I probably won't have time to do those as well - and there's plenty of review sites around!

It's nice to hear from you with your comments - either e-mail me or sign the Guestbook.

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