ORACLE: A place at which advice or prophecy was sought
from the gods in classical antiquity;
a prophet or prophetess at an oracle;
a person or thing regarded as an infallible guide to future action.

Welcome to, which is a website hub so that I can find all the many pages I have done over the years... some still current and some not.  Feel free to explore...   

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Desi, aka 'tess

Tess' Edinburgh Festival Site 2002
Tess' Edinburgh Festival site 2001

Britcomedy Digest Edinburgh 98

Britcomedy Digest Edinburgh 99

Desideratist Pages

In the Buff - a Buff Fansite

Comedy Connection

Comedy Store

Improbable Theatre

Kitten photos

Sanctum Comedy Club, Hove

Mastersons Magical Marquee

Bennett Arron (mirror of

Steve Best is Immature (mirror of

Truth and Lies - The Black Liars (mirror of

Threadbare - Brighton's Public Woolcraft Club

Click here to have a look at some of my craft work.

My ex-husband's account of his ill-fated bike trip to Germany can be found here.

Here are some links to some other people's sites that should tell you a bit about me and what I like to do.

For more information about the Oracle, contact the High Priestess.

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Click here to read the inscription carved into the plinth underneath the statue.