Priestess Crafts Page


Here's some things that I have made:

Friendship Bracelets

I've always got a couple of these on the go - Celtic knotwork a specialty!  They're great because they don't need much in the way of materials, so if I'm going on a long journey I usually take my little kit (threads, scissors, beads etc) to do one to while away the journey.  Someone asked if they could buy one in Victoria Station once. 

Sampler Embroidery

This was my Millennium project - took me a few years, on and off.  It's the whole of the Desiderata - a poem by Max Ehrmann, which is sort of my religion.  Click on the little picture for a big version (665K) if you want to read the poem or look in detail. The actual design is about 29 cm wide and 34 cm high.


I'm currently knitting myself an Aran coat (taking some time!), but here's a photo of a knitted cottage I did for my Mum! (for patterns for this, see Jan Messent's wonderful book "Knitted Gardens").  

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