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desideratist principles


Welcome to the web page of possibly the world's only practicing Desideratist.  My apologies if this page seems quite serious; I'm usually quite a silly person but this is, for me, the nearest I get to religion so I'm going to try and put it all into words for you good people.

I have been inspired by the Desiderata for some years; ever since my mother introduced me to it as a child.  I have sewn it as a sampler which now hangs on my wall, I always have a copy of it with me and have learned it off by heart.

Most religions, faiths and movements have a list of rules; things that one should or shouldn't do in order to get the "prize", the carrot on the stick if you like.  They always seemed to me to be tools for keeping societies in line, and while they have very admirable qualities,  most of them don't really allow people to come to their own conclusions.

However, the Desiderata by its very name merely states what is desirable in a person, not essential.  It is short, to the point, humanism without evangelism that does not exclude anyone.  I have always found it very quotable, and can give meaningful and comforting guidance through life's ups, downs and other directions...

I started calling myself Desideratist mainly to have a unique "handle" on the Internet, but I came to the realisation that I was becoming more and more a Desideratist by inclination as well.  I have therefore taken the step of declaring myself a practicing Desideratist... on forms, Religion/Faith: Other (please specify).  It could be interesting having to explain it, but I suppose as long as I call it "a sort of kind of Humanism kinda thing" people will just let me be a Desideratist. 

I don't want to convert you into being a Desideratist as well, and I'm definitely not after your money or anything like that!  

As I have said above, I think people should fit into the belief they find most applicable to them, whether it includes a deity or organised religion or whatever... if you're a Buddhist or a Christian or a Humanist or a Jew or a Moslem or a Sikh or an Atheist or an Agnostic or a Hindu or a Wiccan or an Other(please specify) like me, then you are very welcome.  

I hope that you will read the Desiderata, think as I did that it's a very nice way of living your life.  If you see it just as a nice poem, that's fine as well.  

It's just that I find it the closest thing to my own thoughts, and I am happy to be the Desideratist.


Penny, the Desideratist.
January 2005


P.S.  The answer to my most frequently asked question is - Des-Eye-Der-Artist - stress the Eye...  ;-)