The Fall and Rise of the 
Sanctum Comedy Club

"I can't believe I do this for fun" - The High Priestess

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Tuesday 26th June 2001

MC: Kevin Precious, Noel James, James Dowdeswell, Ruth Hine and Dave Parton.

Enormously sunny and hot day so the gig didn't go ahead.  Oh well.  The acts liked the venue though.

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Tuesday 31st July 2001

MC: Brian Damage, Norby West, Charmian Hughes, Steve Day and Vicky de Lacy

This one did go ahead, despite another incredibly hot sunny day.  We had fun.  Steve, being a Deaf comedian, particularly liked the fact that there was a visual PA display at the back of the room, so he could see how loud he was.

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Tuesday 28th August 2001

No show this month - everyone (including the Priestess) at the Edinburgh Festival...

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Tuesday 25th September 2001

Original lineup:  MC: Kevin Precious, Mark Felgate, Natalie Haynes, Tilly Gregory

The day before the gig Mark calls to say his car has been stolen.  He was giving Natalie a lift.  They are rescheduled to November. Much hectic phonecalling ensues and the lineup is now:

Lineup Mark Two: MC: Kevin Precious, Nic Ford, Dan Evans, Tilly Gregory

On the day of the gig Nic rings to say he unfortunately can't do it...he is rescheduled to January - more phonecalls.  The gig goes ahead featuring:

Lineup Mark Three: MC: Kevin Precious, Pierre Hollins, Dan Evans, Tilly Gregory.

All local acts, but all very good ones.  Despite much stress before the show, the number of punters is rising steadily and the gig goes well.  The future looks bright...

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Tuesday 30th October 2001

MC: Kevin Precious, Ruth Hine, Mary Bourke, Dave Parton (Open Spot - Ian Collier)

More people than ever, despite total lack of advertising due to skintness of promoter, and local football match.  I am now beginning to not dread the last Tuesday of the month.

Eventful gig.  Manage to convince two blokes that they can't come in for 50p when everyone else has paid more.  We have our first walkout.  Ruth has a stormer though.  

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Tuesday 27th November 2001

MC-Kevin Precious, Mark Felgate, Natalie Haynes, Gary Delaney (Open Spot - Jon Briley)

Last show of 2001. Audience still a bit on the smallish side but they are the right kind of audience - well up for the comedy so we all had a good time.

Audience member of the month has to be the New Zealander who has brought a present with him and won't tell anyone what's inside...

Mark also drops the mic as part of his set and the top drops off... I shouldn't get my microphone from Littlewoods Home Shopping I suppose.

PS to this one is I am now hearing on the comedy grapevine that this is a nice club to play, which is very heartening! See you all in the New Year.

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Tuesday 29th January 2002

MC: Kevin Precious, Nic Ford, Eric Page, Christian Reilly (Open Spot - Michaél (pronounced Me-Hall!))

Got some lovely new flyers printed up and the bits for my badge making machine arrived just in time, so professional publicity here we go... 

Door money taking person Tilly can't come unfortunately, and despite many phonecalls can't get anyone to do the door, so the evening finds me doing everything except the bar and the actual stand-up.

Two groups in - one a bunch of people I used to work with from Audiology at the local hospital, and another a bunch of Christian's friends (every gig I see him at he always seems to have a bunch of mates in the audience - man has lots of friends!).  He also got a nice plug in the Insight - see the cuttings page.

Guitar set up, mic glued back together from last time, off we go.  Nic stands by the door looking heavy in case anyone tries to get in without paying, and I run back and forth trying to do the sound, lighting, music and door at the same time.  Urgh.  Did it though.  Lovely crowd, thankfully.  Nic is also wearing my favourite shirt of his (quite plain on the front, plane on the back!) and apparently went back specially to put it on 'cos he knew I liked it.  Bless. 

Snapped at Christian briefly and then felt very bad about it - when Kevin goes on first mic is in "bingo caller" mode and while I am twidding knobs Christian appears in helpful mode, but stressed out old me heatedly points out that I know a mixing desk when I see one and he goes and sits down again.  Did apologise (Christian, if you are reading this I'm still sorry!). P.S. to this one is I have since found out that Christian has some kind of qualification in sound engineering, which makes me doubly wrong in this!  Have since made it up to him by doing him and his mate Damian a website - see

Upshot of it was I was so busy I didn't have time to worry so we all had a ball.  Music not as seamless as normally but no-one seemed to mind that much.

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Tuesday 26th February 2002
St David's Day Special

MC: Dave Parton, with Richard Morris, Gregg Rogers, Psycho Dave and Stuart Lloyd

A night of Welsh acts - when everyone else is putting on St Patrick's Day Irish lineups I draw on my extensive list of Welsh mates.

Yesterday brought a first in the history of the Sanctum - our first telephone booking!  And we end up with an audience of about 30, none of whom I know!  Half full with real punters!  Things are looking good.

The day of the gig we find out that the Sanctum is runner-up in the Southern section of the Chortle website's comedy club awards!

Some catchphrases are born tonight, mainly from the mouth of Stuart Lloyd "The comedy is there!" (it's the way he says it, trust me) and the immortal "Well ladies and gentlemen, I've been great".

Another highlight is Dave Parton doing an impression which involves him undoing his shirt - the moment he starts undoing his buttons a woman in the audience goes "" which gets picked up on later by Stuart to much audience laughter.

The night finishes up with the Welsh Comedy Male Voice Choir in a rendition of the alternative Welsh National Anthem (Tom Jones' Delilah) with the English in the room doing the "Da da da" bits ("Da" being Welsh for "Good"). 

The Swansea contingent then maximise their trip to England by going out clubbing.  I believe they went to Event II.

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Tuesday 26th March 2002

MC: Kevin Precious, with James Dowdeswell, Tony Morewood, Paul Kerensa (Open Spot - Mary Hale)

Tony Morewood replaces Ira Rainey at the last minute.  Our old friend unforeseen circumstances.  

A friend of mine, El, who I do hospital radio with, is doing the funky DJ-type thing this evening so I can sit on the door and relax for a change.  Actually manage to eat some of the Sanctuary's lovely food also, which is something I keep meaning to do but never get the time usually.

Everything goes well, nice bunch of punters, earn enough to give the acts a decent amount of money.  Everything is going swimmingly.  

Recent news - mid-April 2002 Paul Kerensa won the Take the Mike comedy award on ITV, to be screened in September - so you saw him here first.  Live simultaneous equations!

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Tuesday 26th November 2002

MC: Kevin Precious

Mark Felgate

Paul Redwood

James Campbell