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The Masterson Inheritance
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Series Two

Originally transmitted Saturdays at 10.30am
11th June 1994 to 16th July 1994

Repeated Thursdays 6.30pm
25th August 1994 to 29th September 1994

1) "Beware the Ides of Masterson"
Something a Roman Patrician would do to relax - Milk bath
Reason to assassinate someone - They are getting friendly with your wife
God of Spelling

2) "The Quest for the Other Rabbit's Foot"
(The one that makes you visible)

Everyday occurrence in Camelot - Mucking out the horses
Temptation - Can't resist chainmail
Magical Object - Rabbit's foot that makes you invisible

3) "Last Word to the Mastersons"
Rural Occupation - Village idiot
Vice villagers are contemptuous of - Reading
Village famous for - Peacock's feathers

4) "The Jousting Mastersons"
Something a lady would do to pass the time - Swinging from the chandelier
Reason for enmity between two families - Living in the same castle
A place to take your sweetheart - A maze

5) "The Gangrene of the Mastersons"
A way to help the wounded - Shoot them
Opening line of letter from home - "I miss you so badly"
A reason to live - To learn to play the bongos

6) "The Mastersons go Down"
Something to do - Billiards
Reason to go to America - Cookies
Special Luggage - Parrot with a wide vocabulary