Lies... the bit that isn't strictly speaking true.
Well, not in this reality anyway.
The Orson Carson and Alvy Ronson story.

Alvy Ronson Biography
Myron T Buttram Biography

The Alvy Ronson Story... in his own words.

Alvy Ronson - born 2.9.64, Bluebonnet Texas.

Mother claims father was Eddie Fisher.

Began musical career aged 12, taking up the Jews Harp (of course).  Age 13 - plays bass solo from "My Generation" by The Who on the Jews harp!

Gets caught re-branding cows [strike 1] age 15.

Frustrated with limited range of said instrument takes to gambling at the local joint ''liquor in the front poker in the rear'' where at a table dealing stud he won the upright bass he still uses.

Age 17 - first gig.  Plays slap bass with Alf Price and the Rock at the Houston Pink Flamingo (now a Wal-mart).

Age 20 - leaves to join Hillbilly Human League cover band [strike 2].  Unable to sustain a living solely by performing, succumbs to the bootleg industry, eventually getting busted for...Home taping (strike 3 , ''it was killing music'').  Serves 3 months - gets out early after telling the governor he'd get him an invite to Rich Hall's wedding.

After a getting kicked out of the Vegas Comedy circuit a new career path was about to unveil itself....look-alikes!  After a slow start as Steve Martin (not funny any more) he quickly moved on to David Grey, however business was slow as nobody knew who he was in 1989.

It was during this period that he met Orson Carson at Texas' premier look-alike competition, ''A Hazy Shade Of Bernie Winter''.  Orson was going for the triple slam, coming 3rd in the Tom Waits, 2nd in the Robert Downey Jr. and unplaced in the Zorro, while Alvy had failed to qualify in the white Mike Tyson.

They teamed up to create a duo...the rest is history .

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The Myron T Buttram Story... in his own words.

Myron's memory is somewhat hazy but insists he was abducted by aliens in 1988 on the way home from the annual Toad Suck Day in Conway Arkansas.. after extensive probing, and due to an administrative oversight, he was deposited on marshland in Essex, England, had been given a cockney accent and the ability to play rudimentary pedal steel guitar. He believes the instrument is an Alien communication device. 

Joined the Black Liars after Otis promised him that for small fee he would write a song that contained the correct sequence of musical notes to make contact with the with the mothership and return him to Arkansas. So far no contact has been established and having now seen "Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Director's Cut" is beginning to doubt Otis' sincerity on the matter.

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Many thanks to Damian Coldwell and Rob Childs for helping me track these stories down...